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Environment Committee
The Yard Improvement Project
has been, and continues to be the main focus of the Parent Council Environment Committee.

It has involved several parts or stages:

A tree planting initiative involved the buying and
planting of 25 trees in the spring of 2010.
The Rideau Public School community donated very generously
to this intitiative, and each class planted a tree.

The kindergarten yard received some attention in 2010-2011.
There is a new Butterfly Garden, which was led by the Kindergarten teachers
and which received support from the Parent Council and the parent community.

A new sandbox was built in 2010-2011.
This was also supported by Parent Council.

Rideau is getting a new yard!

Parent Council, staff, and students are working with AECOM Landscaping to plan for a new yard for Rideau. Over the next few months, as we did for our building construction, we will begin to post updates about these plans and timelines for accomplishing the task. This is exciting for our students as we look forward to a field that will be grassy, free from mud, and safe for play. Thank you to everyone who participated in the yard survey sent out by Parent Council.

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