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School Council Projects

Thanks to Trailhead Kingston for their generous support of the 2009/2010 GROW Project.

GROW Background:
GROW has three components:
  • Communicate
  • Cultivate
  • Community
Grade 5 students at Rideau adopt, plant, and raise tomato plants in their garden on the front lawn of the Rideau P.S. A team of students water and care for the plants throughout the summer and fruit harvested by the students in the fall will be shared with the Rideau and Kingston communities.
Along with these activities, students participate in regular classroom sessions featuring activities and guest speakers discussing the role of art and activism, local food agencies and local food initiatives and organizations, with speakers from Kingston area CSA’s, Urban Agricultural Initiatives, Kingston’s Living Cities Project and local community gardens.
Students will once again participate in designing a project t-shirt and, instead of painting fence panels (now the garden is built), will communicate the purpose of their project to the community by developing a community newsletter. Members of Kingston’s local art and design community will once again be invited to speak with students and work with them on designing this aspect of the project. These activities encourage students to explore what makes a community a good place to live and what kind of contributions they can make towards building a healthy community.

**GROW is what happens to plants when we take care of them**
**GROW is what happens to communities when we cultivate them**
**GROW is what happens to us when we participate **

Parents available to assist in classroom sessions, gardening sessions or summer garden maintenance, may contact for more information.

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