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Page initiated October 2015


JUNE 27th

Construction continued to move along well.  Soccer posts are up and the sod and small berms have been installed.  There had been the possibility that we would be on the new yard before the end of this school year, but more time was deemed necessary for the turf to adhere to the track and for the sod take root.  At this time, we are still on-schedule for opening the yard in September, ready for the start of the new school year.  Parent council has been hard at work raising money for a new play structure to be installed in the southeast corner of the yard (near the Toronto St. gate).  So far $4411 has been raised!  Thanks so much for your support!  The area in this corner is prepped for the installation of the new play structure.  It is hoped that the new play structure will also be installed over the summer.  

MAY 31st
The construction has moved along well and students and staff have adjusted to the necessary changes in routine while the yard is under construction. Thanks to everyone for their patience as we work our way through our yard project. The students, especially the younger ones, have enjoyed watching all the "diggers" hard at work!

At this point, the sub surface work has been done and the artificial turf is installed.  The new basketball keys are paved as well as the organically-shaped track around the field. The posts are up in the basketball keys and nets and backboards will follow.  There is a possibility that students will be able to re-gain access to the field area before the end of this school year.  The rest of the yard area will continue to be fenced off as the grass sod and trees are put in place.

You can see photos of the progress of our yard project on our Rideau Public School Twitter account - #RPS Yard Project. Follow us by clicking on the link on the home page.

APRIL 15th

The start date for constuction is now April 21st to allow for a few more days of drying weather to dry out the yard.  Please keep scrolling down for details about new routines due to the main field area being blocked off.

APRIL 14th

Mod-u-loc fencing has now been installed to block off the main field area of the yard in anticipation of construction starting tomorrow! The Park St. gate at the north end of the yard is now closed. Also, a new gate for the construction trucks and equipment will be established off of Toronto St. Please do not park in formt of this gate, once it is established.  Some routines and "student traffic patterns" will be affected by the construction. Please see below for an overview of these changes.

Morning Entry
Children in grades 1-8 who walk to school in the morning will now need to walk around to our front yard on Dundas St. where the morning supervision will take place. The Toronto St. gate (near the kindergarten yard) is still accessible and parents of kindergarten children can continue dropping off/picking up students in this area.  Please avoid the McDonnell St. gate at pick up and drop-off times in order to avoid extra foot traffic during bus pick up and drop times. Students who ride their bicycles to school are reminded to lock their bikes around the outside of the fencing in the front yard of the school (Dundas St.).  This is to avoid having any bicycles inside the play area during recess.  Students who take the bus, and students who attend Breakfast Club in the morning, will enter the yard through the McDonnell St. gate and will be supervised in the climber/alcove area in the mornings.

Dismissal Time
At dismissal time, there is no change for students in kindergarten, and students in Mme Bettas, Mme Vicki, Mme Hilary, Mme Rinfret, and Mr. Davison's class - these classes will continue to exit through the north doors or the kindergarten yard. Parents my use the Toronto St. gate to enter the yard. Bussed students will use the McDonnell St. gate as per their usual routine.  All other students will be dismissed to the front yard (Dundas St.).

Recess routines are now changed as well.  We will now utilize three outdoor spaces during recess, the kindergarten yard, the climber/alcove areas, and the front yard.  The kindergarten students will follow their usual routine and come in off the yard a couple minutes early to allow a transition time for the students in our upper primary hall (Mme Bettas, Mme Vicki, Mme Hilary, Mme Rinfret, and Mr. Davison's classes) to utilize that space after the kindergarten students have had their recess.  This means that these primary students are having snack first and recess second. The students in grade 2-4 will go out as a group and use the front yard for morning recess, and the climber/alcove area at afternoon recess.  The students in grades 4-8 will go out as a group and use the climber/alcove area for morning recess and and the front yard in the afternoon.

We greatly appreciate your support and patience as we work through all the changes and adjust to new routines.


MARCH 29th

Mod-u-loc fencing has been installed in front of the school.  This fencing has been installed to create an alternate yard space for students once construction begins and the main yard is cordoned off.  The front door is still accessible for visitors to the school.


We have had our first site meeting for phase one of our yard construction project.  The construction will be done by Corcoran and is slated to begin on April 15th.  Fences will be erected in the field around the construction site sometime between April 1st and the 15th.  A sample of the turf that is going to be installed is on display in the main foyer at the school. Further information about the project in terms of some of the specifications for construction is posted under our Newsletters/Important Notices tab (on the homepage).  The goal is to have phase one of the yard renewal completed for the start of next school year in September 2016. As we continue to have regular site meetings with Corcoran and Facilities Services, we will be able to provide further updates as to how the project is proceeding.
Drainage & Field Project - Phase 1 DELAYED
The new start date for the project to begin is April 1, 2016, depending on the state of the ground at that time. (Hopefully we will be well out of winter by then). With the decision to delay the start of the project, we are able to maximize the amount of time that students will be able to access the field during the winter months. During Phase 1, the drainage work will be completed, the turf will be laid, the basketball court area will be redesigned according to the student, staff and parent input given last year, and a sand box/area will be created by the trees on the east side of the yard. Between now and the spring, plans for the areas surrounding the new field and track (Phase 2) will be developed and will include the input gathered from students, staff and Parent Council during the last school year. The additional naturalized spaces and activity areas will also be part of these plans.
The yard renewal project is on the agenda at each School Council meeting, and updates will be given. Updates and information will continue to be posted here.
Phase 1 of our Yard Renewal Plan will likely begin at the beginning of November. This phase will include the drainage work as well as the relocation of the basketball court and the creation of an additional sand area. While the drainage work is being completed, the field and area beyond the field will be fenced off. We are working on a plan that allows for all students to be engaged in physical play and be active every day. Students have been asked for their wishes for outdoor ‘equipment’ to use at recess. Purchasing has begun. We also hope to have some games painted on pavement areas.
*** The site plan of the area where the drainage work is taking place is attached.
AECOM Architects and Engineers has been working with LDSB Facilities Services during the summer. There have been a few delays in the yard drainage work that is to be completed at Rideau. We hope the work will begin later in September. The drainage work will be completed first, followed by the organic track being established, followed by the artificial turf being laid. Once we have a start date for the drainage work, a construction section will be created on our school website so interested parents can follow along in the progress. The students have given input into the area surrounding the track. Ideas about what our students would like to have in their yard can be seen on the long bulletin board around the corner from the main foyer. Please come a take a look!

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