Our Staff

Teachers will most often communicate with parents through notes in the agenda, emails, or phone calls home.  All staff can be reached through the main office phone number at 613-546-5901.  Individual teachers and staff members may use another means to communicate with families - in those situations they will share that information directly with families.

Staff List 2021 - 2022

Mme Coulas & Mme Kozo Kindergarten
Mme Graham & Mlle Sveinson Kindergarten
Mme Sparkes & Mme Kennedy       Kindergarten
M Ohayon & M Himada Kindergarten
 Mme Conrad & Mme Hunter Kindergarten
Mme LeBlanc Gr. 1 
 Mme Matthews  Gr. 1
 Mme Bettas  Gr. 1
 Mme Eastabrook  Gr. 2
 Mme Walker
 Gr. 2
 Mme Beauvais  Gr. 2/3
 Mme Morawiec  Gr. 3
 Mme Meyerman  Gr. 3
 Mme Lieberman Gr. 3/4 
 Mme Salter Gr. 4
 M Cameron  Gr. 5
 Mme Coon  Gr. 5/6
 Mme Gazdik  Gr. 6 and Student Support Teacher
 Mr. Baker English to Imm
 Ms. Simmons English to Imm
 Mr. Davison Music/English to Imm
 Ms. Manosi Subject Teacher
 Mme Haslett Grade 6 and planning time
 Mme Jacinthe EA
 Mme Grass EA
 M. Des EA
 Mme Krista Student Support Counselor
 Mr. Cadue Head Custodian
 Ms. Lutz Evening Custodian
 Mr. Sauve Evening Custodian
 Mme Gillespie Office Administrator
 Mme Brown Ass't Office Administrator
 Mme Arsenault Principal
 Mr. Derbyshire Vice-Principal/Student Support Teacher