Positive Cases of COVID-19

Positive Cases of COVID-19
Posted on 11/07/2021
Image of confirmed COVID-19 case graphic

Update Dec. 21, 2021: KFL&A Public Health has confirmed a positive case of COVID-19 in a student at École Rideau Public School on Dec. 21. This case poses no risk to the school community because they were already self-isolating.

One student on Dec. 17: the case was already isolating so no new impact on the school community. 

KFL&A Public Health declared an outbreak of COVID-19 at Rideau Public School following the identification of another positive case in the same cohort on Dec. 16. The school will pivot to remote learning effective December 17, 2021.

Two students on Dec. 15: This resulted in the dismissal of two class cohorts. These students and staff will isolate and follow directions from public health. They will pivot to remote learning for the remainder of the week.

Two students on Dec. 13. These cases were already isolating. One student on Dec. 10 and one student on Dec. 7, both of whom were already isolating.  

KFL&A Public Health works closely with schools to ensure that necessary steps are taken to prevent further spread of the virus both in the school and the community.

Families are encouraged to continue to monitor and screen students daily for symptoms of COVID-19 as most cases of COVID-19 are acquired in the home setting. Do not send students to school if they are sick or symptomatic. 

Please continue to follow all public health guidelines which include maintaining physical distance, wearing face coverings, and cleaning your hands frequently.

Please visit the COVID-19 Confirmed Cases webpage for a list of current cases.