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Our School
History of Rideau
The old original Rideau Public School was a two-storey school, one room up and one room down, located on the corner of Princess and Nelson Streets during the 1900s. At that time a creek ran down the front of the school, south across Victoria Street, where a wooden bridge and boardwalk were constructed. It was on the extreme western outskirts of the city. As the growth of the city expanded westward this school became obsolete and, in 1924, the school board decided that a new school was needed.

The new Rideau Public School was constructed in the fall and winter of 1925-1926 on a block of land purchased from a Mr. Counter. This original wing was built by H.W. Watts for $106,700.00 and looks exactly the same today with the exception of the landscaping. The original building contained ten classrooms, a principal's office, staff room, furnace room, two playrooms in the basement and an auditorium on the first floor. It had a staff of eight teachers and a principal. The official opening of the school was held on September 9, 1926.

In the late 1940s, the school became crowded as residences sprung up quickly all the way to Palace Road. In 1950, it became necessary for the board to build a new wing onto the school. In 1960, Rideau achieved its largest pupil population of 640 students.

In 1986, Rideau made its next major change. The school became the first French Immersion school for the former Frontenac County Board of Education.

Rideau now serves its local community, the City of Kingston east of Sir John A. macDonald Boulevard, North kingston, and the areas of Glenburnie, Elginburg, Harrowsmith, and Sydenham. The current student population represents the cultural diversity that makes Canada so special. As well, pupils have the opportunity to study in both of Canada's official languages.

Today, Ecole Publique Rideau Public School serves 475 students. As in 1926, Rideau continues to demand excellence from staff and students living by our motto "Pussunt Qui Posse Putant" which is to say, "They Can Who Think They Can".

Original School Song:                                                   Rideau Song (2009)
In the Limestone City fair,                                                     Kingston is the Limestone City
There stands a school so rare,                                          Where Rideau Public School stands
Where the green and white                                               It's a place where everyone has a friend
Ever stands for right                                                           We're a family of helping hands
And pride rules every heart.
Rideau School is the song we sing.                                      Chorus: They can who think they can
Rideau School let the echoes ring.                                                      Si on veut on peut
Rideau School we shall strive to bring,                                         Our school has a history of character and respect
To victory and fame.                                                                            At Rideau Public School
                                                                                        The Rhinos are yellow and green
                                                                                        Our teachers are thoughtful and fabulous
                                                                                        Our unity gives us the key
                                                                                        And the key to our future starts here


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