School Council

School Councils are important partners in education. School Councils provide a forum through which parents and other members of school communities can contribute to improving student achievement and well-being and enhance the accountability of the education system. 

Our School Council meets eight or nine times a year. Our School Council focuses on information sharing and discussion, and sometimes, how to improve student opportunities through fundraising. At each meeting, school administration provides an update on school-related activities and council members may identify topics of interest for presentation/discussion at future meetings or extra special interest sessions. 

Our School Council membership includes:

  • Co-Chairs: Jim Jodoin and Sarah Phinney

  •  Secretary: Dawn Duffenais

  • Treasurer: Patricia Parks

Our Annual General Meeting for 2020-2021 was held on Wednesday, September 23, when we elected an executive and members-at-large for this year.  We welcomed additional members-at-large at our next meeting. All parents/guardians are welcome at every meeting, whether you are an official voting member or not.  Our meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 24 has been postponed to March 24.  It will be held virtually at 6:30 p.m. A link will be shared prior to the meeting, or you can contact [email protected] to receive an invitation to the Microsoft Teams Meet. For more information about School Council, click on the links below:

Rideau School Council Constitution
Rideau School Council Roles and Responsibilities